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Asheville Social Media at it’s best! Nobody in Asheville can even come close to the work that we do, and soon hopefully for you. Gary and his team have helped many businesses get started, grow to the next level, and create sustainable media plans that demand business growth. With today’s market, it is all about relationship building. Whether we are talking about a PR initiative, marketing plan, developing a brand & website, creating & implementing social media, or building content; it is about about gaining the good attention of your audience, and then turning that into a profitable relationship. That is where we come in. We can help with everything from a simple strategy & training for your staff to implement, to helping you build your business from the ground up, online and offline. We can work as your main PR & marketing firm, but we also love to collaborate with your team if you already have one in place.

Social Media

Asheville Social Media by G has been a progressive work for many years. Contrary to popular belief, social media was not born yesterday. It all started thousands of years ago when two or more folks came together to share information and experiences based off of a personal or business related connection. Then as years past, the Internet appeared, and social media was taken online, opening the doors to people and opportunities worldwide. It went from email and chat rooms, to social networking, and now media specific platforms where we show up online daily to build relationships, to share and be shared to.

Asheville Social Media was just the beginning for the G team. After hundreds of successful social media projects in the Asheville & Western North Carolina community, the G team expanded into doing work for businesses in other cities and states all around the USA. While working with one organization, we had the opportunity to help in other countries, which opened even more doors for the team. Soon International work including a large startup launch in Europe was on our plate.

Even though our social media is based in Asheville North Carolina, our reach transcends geographical boundaries, languages, cultures and just about any limitation you thought you and your business had. Will travel for business, food, drink, fun, and great relationships.